Upcoming Conference

The 3rd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management

The School of Information and Social Studies, The Technical University of Kenya has organised the 3rd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management to be held on 24-28 August 2020 at the Sarova Stanley Hotel

The 3rd International Conference on IKM


Welcome to the Department of Information & Knowledge Management

This interdisciplinary approach to information and knowledge management ensures that our graduates are competent professionals who are able to provide valuable service to organisations through the discovery and management of knowledge assets, development and implementation of efficient information processing systems and providing advice on relevant adoptions of information communication technologies.


  1. Train competent information and knowledge management professionals capable of mainstreaming information and knowledge as essential components of human activity and development;
  2. Train a critical mass of professionals able to contribute to the development of theories, policies and best practices in information and knowledge management by providing credible evidence through research and other forms of scholarly engagement; >> Continue Reading