Kenneth Kariuki Kibithe

My name is Kenneth Kariuki Kibithe. I am an employee of Murang’a University of Technology working as a Systems Librarian in the University Library. My job involves automating the University Library through development, administration and maintenance of different information management systems such as Koha, Dspace and other library management systems. In addition, I am involved in the administration of the e-learning management system, Moodle, in the university. I also undertake the task of processing new book and non-book materials in the library. My other daily activities include registering library patrons in the library management system and running backup scripts and debugging Koha, Dspace and Moodle.

I got my experience from the training I took at The Technical University of Kenya where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences in 2015. The rigorous training I undertook in the Department of Information and Knowledge Management at The Technical University of Kenya has greatly assisted me in my current job designation. The blending of the Information Science and Information Technology in the syllabus and the hands-on experience gained through lab practicals, numerous visits to renowned information centers and libraries and the industry-based learning sessions were impeccable in making me the person I am today. The experience gained in the university, career coaching and wholesome advice on how to blend well in the job market has enabled me to develop an integrated library management system, digital repository system and an e-learning management system at my current workplace.

I highly acknowledge The Technical University of Kenya and more specifically the School of Information and Communication Studies, Department of Information and Knowledge Management for equipping me with the relevant skills and training thus making me a dynamic information scientist.