Beatrice Emanuella Lekadaa

My name is Beatrice Emanuella Lekadaa. I am working for the Ministry of Interior and Registration of Persons. I am currently the Civil Registrar of Births and Deaths in Samburu County. I took my Bachelor of Technology in Information Studies at The Technical University of Kenya within the Department of Information and Knowledge Management. The course equipped me with the relevant professional skills in Records Management. The training has turned me into a high-ranking Records Manager in the Government of Kenya. The course also equipped me with innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills making me suitable for the job market and highly competitive professionally.
I am very proud of my lecturers who mentored me professionally and provided me with all these skills. I am also grateful to the entire university fraternity for their commitment and dedication towards serving the student community. Throughout my stay at the university, the staff members were always jovial and ready to assist us. I really enjoyed the time I was there for my training. The Department of Information and Knowledge Management will always occupy a soft spot in my heart. I will definitely recommend it to anyone seeking training in this profession.