Joseph Kabiru

Hi everyone. My name is Joseph Kabiru. I work for the Judicial Service Commission as an archivist. I am in charge of closed criminal case records and exhibits. My job entails advising the management on the operational and legal requirements on records management in order to comply with the requirement of the statutes that govern the creation, use, maintenance, appraisal and disposition of public records under CAP 14 &19 of the Laws of Kenya. I plan, coordinate, organize and establish control mechanisms towards good records management at the Judicial Service Commission. I am also the officer in charge of staff training and security of records.

In order to understand and do this work effectively, you need a sound training in Archives and Records Management. I got my training and Bachelor of Technology in Information Studies degree at The Technical University of Kenya in Department of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM). The training not only gave me the technical skills in Archives and Records Management but also equipped me with the other relevant skills such as communication, critical thinking, decision making, and leadership, among others. The skills acquired have made me innovative, confident at work and have improved my relationship with clients thus enhancing my capacity to deliver services effectively.
I would recommend The Technical University of Kenya and in particular the Department of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) to anyone who is interested in making an impact in society through information and knowledge management. I am currently enrolled for my Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Management at the same institution.