Cynthia Nenkashe Mpoke

I am Cynthia Nenkashe Mpoke, a Knowledge Management Supervisor at the Kenya Revenue Authority. My job entails the implementation of the institution’s knowledge management strategy, policies and work plan. I am also championing and creating awareness in the field of knowledge management in the organization. I have assisted the organization in implementing some of the critical success strategies in Knowledge Management which I learned during my training. These include the identification of critical business processes; managing knowledge assets and intellectual capital; supporting the creation of communities of practice; and identifying subject matter experts in the organization.

My other duties entail updating and maintaining the knowledge repository, preparing reports and articles on Knowledge Management procedures, functions and transactions. I also conduct knowledge (both tacit and explicit) identification, acquisition and creation, processing, sharing and retention in my organisation.
I recommend the Bachelor of Technology in Information Studies course from The Technical University of Kenya to anyone who is interested in pursuing Knowledge Management. The course was an eye-opener and gave me an in-depth understanding and a firm foundation of what knowledge management is; the role it plays in the continuity of business processes; the importance of a knowledge management strategy and policies; and why auditing and mapping of tacit and explicit knowledge is crucial in any organization.
Currently, I can comfortably discharge all my duties competently. Kudos to my mentors in the Department of Information and Knowledge Management at The Technical University of Kenya! I appreciate you all.